Cobb County, located to the northwest of the City of Atlanta, is a part of the Atlanta metro area. Cobb County consistently ranks as one of the nation’s fastest growing. It borders other ever-developing counties of Cherokee to the north, and Bartow, Palding, and Douglas Counties to the west. Cities within Cobb County include Acworth, Austell, Kennesaw, Marietta, Powder Springs, and Smyrna.

Each of these municipalities have there own police force. Cobb 911 covers Marietta and Powder Springs, and other unincorporated communities in Cobb County. Kennesaw and Acworth share a 911 call center; and the cities of Austell and Smyrna have their own 911 systems.

Each of these cities has their own municipal courts and prosecutes hundreds of people every month who are arrested for offenses ranging from DUI and other alcohol involved crimes, shoplifting and other theft and fraud cases, assault & battery, domestic violence, traffic violations, marijuana charges and for failing to appear for a previously scheduled court date. Many of these cases are also prosecuted in the Cobb County State and Superior Courts, located in Historic Downtown Marietta near the Marietta Square.

Cobb County prosecutes criminal offenses vigilantly. One area the cities of Austell and Kennesaw have taken a particularly keen interest in in recent months is underage drinking. Not only do they make many arrests for underage drinking every month, with a high concentration being students from Kennesaw State University, but they have enacted “local host ordinances” to target the individuals who furnish alcohol and provide places to drink to people under 21 years of age.

I can help you in Cobb County

For many years I have been practicing and defending people charged with crimes and facing prosecution in the Cobb County State and Superior Courts, and also the municipal courts in the cities within Cobb County. I have strong professional relationships with the solicitors and district attorneys in these courts and have had much success negotiating positive outcomes, like reductions of charges, lower fines, reduced or no penalties to driver’s licenses, and even dismissals for my clients.

Cobb County has pre-trial intervention and diversion programs for first time offenders that I can help you take advantage of and enter so that we can keep your record clean. The offer these programs for first offenses of crimes ranging from alcohol related offenses (excluding DUI) and drug possession, to shoplifting and other types of theft, to minor violent offenses like simple battery and some domestic violence cases.

If you or someone you know has been arrested and is facing prosecution in Cobb County, you should call me right now (678) 561-0411. I know how the system works and how to get your case started. We will talk about where the charges originated, why the police suspected you or your loved one of a crime, what led to the arrest or ticket, whether or not you were taken to jail, whether or not this is your first offense; and we will talk about all of your potential options and how I can help you.

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