Pre-Trial Intervention & Diversion Programs

For some first offenders, or in some cases even for people who have minor offenses on their criminal records, or offenses in the distant past, many jurisdictions offer programs that literally intervene, or divert away from the prosecution of your case. If you successfully complete one of these programs, your case is dismissed, and very often this can lead to an expungement of the arrest from your criminal history. You can find much more information here on my blog.

The key question is whether or not you qualify. Qualification generally depends on the offense you are charged with and whether or not you have a clean criminal history. At Hirsch Criminal Defense, we have experience and sucess in negotiating our clients into these programs.

If you or a loved one is arrested and this is your first offense, or this is your first offense in some time, you may qualify for participation in a pre-trial intervention or diversion program. Fill out the form or call Hirsch Criminal Defense now at (678) 561-0411 for a free consultation.

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