Failure To Appear (FTA) / Bench Warrant

The dreaded FTA, the even more feared bench warrant: of the countless reasons for a person to go to jail, a bench warrant issued against them for failing to appear in court, or maybe not paying a fine they were supposed to pay, or for driving on a license that was suspended when the FTA was reported to the Department of Driver Services is among the most common.

Different jurisdictions handle FTAs and bench warrants differently. There are often ways to avoid going to jail on a bench warrant if you discover the FTA before being arrested. The likelihood of this is greater if you failed to appear in Municipal Court. It is possible, however, to avoid jail from bench warrants in the State and Superior Courts, but it is much more difficult.

You Are Not Alone

I have represented hundreds of people who find out that they have a bench warrant and are constantly looking over their shoulder wherever they are for fear of the slightest interaction with law enforcement; or who have been arrested because of a bench warrant that they didn’t know they had; or who can not get a license because of an outstanding FTA.

I Understand

If you or a loved one failed to appear in court, call me right now (678) 561-0411. We’ll talk about where and when you missed court; we’ll talk about whether it was for a misdemeanor, a felony or for a traffic offense; and, if the options are available to you, we’ll talk about the best possible strategy to lift the FTA, remove the bench warrant, and get the bond reinstated.

Whether you are facing an FTA / bench warrant in Fulton County, Cobb County, Dekalb County, Gwinnett County, Douglas County, Clayton County, Henry County, The City of Atlanta Municipal Court, Dekalb County Recorders Court, or Municipal Courts ranging from Sandy Springs, to Snellville, to Marietta, to Roswell, to Lawrenceville, it doesn’t matter. I’ve probably been there.

Live Out-Of-State or Travel Frequently?

It is very common for non-residents and people who travel in and out of the Atlanta area frequently to get in FTA / bench warrant trouble. There is never a good time to be required to appear in court. And very often for a great number of people, court just simply doesn’t fit into your schedule. Many times this is ok. I can go for you. If you live out of town, your presence can generally be excused. As long as I am representing you or a loved one, I can go on your behalf and negotiate an amicable resolution to your case. For offenses in Municipal and State Courts, a Plea in Absentia can be entered. On rare occasions a Plea in Absentia will be accepted in Superior Court.

You’ll Get Caught Eventually

Failures to Appear and Bench Warrants never go away and follow you forever. A woman in Florida was recently arrested on a bench warrant that was issued against her for failing to pay court fees on a shoplifting ticket she received 22 years ago.

Do not let this happen to you. I am always available to talk about what we can do to minimize the damage after being caught, or to avoid most, if not all, of the dire consequences of having an FTA and a Bench Warrant. Call me now (678) 561-0411. I can help you.

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