Nobody thinks it can happen to them. But it can. It can happen to anyone. Nobody ever anticipates finding themselves in jail after simply having dinner, or a business meeting, or a brief happy hour before heading home. But if you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, I know that you are losing sleep over how next to proceed. But, even though swift action should be taken, now isn’t the time to panic. You can call me any time (678) 561-0411 to discuss how I can help you.

It is not against the law to drive after you’ve been drinking. We get into trouble when our blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 or higher, or we drink to the extent that we are LESS SAFE to operate our car had we had nothing to drink at all.

call me now and we’ll talk about

  • why you were pulled over and whether the stop was lawful
  • whether or not you participated in any field sobriety tests (FSTs)
  • whether or not you submitted to a blood alcohol content (BAC) test and the consequenses if you refused to do so
  • whether or not the police officer confiscated your driver’s license

If your license was taken, you have 10 business days from the date of your arrest for DUI to request an administrative hearing to avoid an automatic suspension. You can find the DDS Request Form here. DO NOT FORGET THE $150.00 PROCESSING FEE. At Hirsch Criminal Defense, this letter is the FIRST thing that goes out.

You should not feel bad about what happened. Police officers are trained to look for things that lead them to these suspicions.

  • They focus on your manner of driving
  • They focus on how you stop your vehicle
  • They focus on your demeanor and physical appearance when they approach you
  • They focus on your speech and are always on guard for the smell of alcohol
  • They focus on how you get out of your car
  • They focus on how calm or nervous you act
  • They focus on every little thing you get wrong on the field sobriety tests

Georgia law prescribes certain minimum punishments for DUI convictions. The more you have, the worse it gets. You CAN BE sentence to serve jail time even on your first DUI.

But it is also possible that, depending on the facts of your case, your DUI charge can be reduced to reckless driving. The obvious benefit of that is that you will not have a DUI conviction and you will not suffer a suspension of your driver’s license.

For over 21 years, I have defended many adults and those under 21 who have been arrested for DUI. So whether this is your first DUI, or you’ve experienced this before, call me now (678) 561-0411 for a free consultation, and we’ll talk about what led to your arrest and how best to proceed with your defense.

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