Property Offenses

From simple damage and valdalism to arson and burglary, there is a wide variety of property crimes. These offenses are very common amoung young adults and juveniles, and Georgia takes these offenses very seriously.

Criminal Trespass

This can be a felony or a misdemeanor. Most people think that trespass only means being somewhere you do not have permission to be. While that is true, it is not the only way. There are several different acts that define criminal trespass in Georgia.

You will charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass if you intentionally damage some one else’s property without their consent and the damage is $500 or less.

You will be charged with criminal trespass if you interfere with someone else’s possession or use of their property without that person’s consent consent.

You will be charged with criminal trespass if you:

  • Enter another person’s land or premises for an unlawful purpose without their consent;
  • Enter another person’s land or premises after receiving notice not to do so; or
  • Remain on the land or premises of another person after being told to leave.


The law regarding burglary is changing. Burglary is considered the ultimate invasion of our lives and security and it is taken very seriously in Georgia.

Currently, you will be charged with burglary if enter or remain in someone else’s home, busniess, or storage facility with the intent to commit a felony inside.

What can happen?

There are now two degrees of burglary.

1st Degree occurs if the structure entered without authority is an occupied, unoccupied, or vacant dwelling house of another, or any building, vehicle, railroad car, watercraft, aircraft, or other such structure designed for use as the dwelling of another.

A person faces 1 – 20 years in prison for a first offense burglary in the 1st Degree

2nd Degree occurs if the structure entered without authority is NOT designed for use as a dwelling.

A person faces 1 – 5 years in prison for burglary in the 2nd Degree and 1 – 8 years for any subsequent burglary in the 2nd degree.

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