Fulton County is the main county of the City of Atlanta. Fulton County covers an area of approximately 530 square miles and has a population of close to, if not over a million people. There are 14 incorporated municipalities in Fulton County: Alpharetta, Atlanta, Chattahoochee Hills, College Park, East Point, Fairburn, Hapeville, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Palmetto, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Union City, each with their own police department and municipal court with jurisdiction to prosecute offenses committed within their boundaries. The City of Atlanta, with the highest population density, has a police force of almost 2000 officers.

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Each of these municipalities has the authority to prosecute traffic offenses, and county ordinance and misdemeanor crimes that happen within them. I have extensive experience defending people in Fulton County, in each of these municipal jurisdictions, and Fulton County State and Superior Court, on a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor offenses ranging from failing to appear for a previous court date (FTA), traffic, DUI, possession of marijuana and other drug and alcohol possession related offenses, shoplifting, domestic violence, and disorderly conduct.

Each of these jurisdictions has their own policies and procedures for handling their cases. Bonds are handled differently; failure to appear procedures are different; fines are imposed differently; pre-trial intervention and diversion programs are administered differently; certain offenses may be treated more severely in one jurisdiction than another. It is important to hire a lawyer who understands how the courts work in different places.

Call me now and we’ll talk about how i can help you. We’ll talk about the nature of your case, where it originated, and what your options are.

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If you live out of town, that won’t be a problem. i represent many people who were just passing through or visiting Atlanta when they were ticketed or arrested. Call me and we’ll talk about ways we can prevent you from having to suffer the inconvenience of returning to Atlanta to conclude your case.

If you receive a citation from an officer in one of these municipalities within Fulton County and the officer listed it as a “State Law” violation and not a “County Ordinance” violation, you can have your case “bound up” to the State Court of Fulton if you cannot reach a satisfactory resolution to your case. The State Court of Fulton County is located in the Fulton County Courthouse in downtown Atlanta.

A person charged with a felony in one of these jurisdictions will be transported to the Fulton County Jail on Rice Street, for prosecution in Superior Court by the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

If you face prosecution for a misdemeanor or felony charge ranging from DUI, marijuana, shoplifting, battery and domestic violence, or failing to appear for a previously scheduled court date in Fulton County State Court, Superior Court, or any of many smaller cities and municipalities within Fulton County and are trying to find your way through The Criminal Process, I am ready to assist you. Call Hirsch Criminal Defense now (678) 561-0411 or fill out the form for a free consultation.

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